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  Department of Botany Established in 1951.

 The Department of Botany offered the course is BZC. Department of Botany is the oldest Department in the college campus with best infrastructure and with well-versed faculty members.This Department is maintaining the campus flora from beginning of the college. Each and every student of the B.Sc.-B.Z.Cwill take care of the plants that are present in the college premises. The Department faculty members are creating much enthusiasm on the plants and as well as in thesubject.The Department of Botany is maintaining a Botanical garden of 1 hectare. In this garden we are maintaining medicinal plants, floriculture plants pomology, and wild flora are grown here for Botanical studies as a part of academics for both intermediate and degree. In this context the Department is maintaining and monitoring almost 75 medicinal plants by adapting them over to students of B.Sc. B.Z.C, to create enthusiasm on plants. We are almost maintaining 250 potted ornamental plants along with ferns and wild plants like orchids.The department is maintaining a herbarium of cryptogams and also maintaining Botanical Museum with more than 400 spotters. The alumni of society in various positions all over the world.


Present details about infrastructural facilities


1.      Library                                                           : Yes

2.      Internet facilities for staff and students      : Yes

3.      Students’ laboratories                                   :  02 Labs with Trinocular

                                                                                       Microscope, Specimen

                                                                                       Preservation Facility

4.      Botanical Museum, Medicinal Plants Garden


Strengths:                   Botanical Museum, Herbarium, Laboratories, Botanical Garden,

Medicinal Plant Garden.


Weaknesses:               Global warming and ensuing pollution all around is of concern.


Opportunities:           Students getting Campus Placements.


Challenges:                The department is ready to take up challenges which are useful to

Student academic achievements trying to conserve the Biodiversity.


Distinguished alumni of the department:



Name of alumni


Name of the alumni


K. Samuel Babu


G. Suresh Babu


D.D. Prasanth


M. Naveen Kumar


P.Ravi Kishore


B. Rajkamal Kumar


G. Sravan Kumar


S. Chandrasekhar


G. Rajesh Kumar


S. Swarnamachari



Future plans of the department. :

1. Preparation of Video classes to facilitate hearing the lecture as many times as the student requires through college website. 

2.      Bringing awareness about the environment.

3.      Conduct Workshops and Seminars

4.      Conduct of Field Trips to Industries

5.      Career Orientation Programme such as Competitive Exam Coaching

6.      Conduct of Students Oriented Projects